"Part of the 21st century skills movement's plan is the call for greater collaboration among teachers. Indeed, this is one of the plan's greatest strengths; we waste a valuable resource when we don't give teachers time to share their expertise." Andrew J. Rotherham & Daniel Willingham, 21st Century Skills: The Challenges Ahead.

NewsFlash: We’re very proud to announce the publication of Solution Tree’s Using Technology to Enhance Writing. We’d like to acknowledge Troy Hicks for encouraging us to submit a chapter on digital citizenship and to our editors for recognizing that a publication on digital writing should have as its opening chapter: Driving Without a License: Digital Writing Without Digital Citizenship.

"Digital citizenship is the foundation for digital writing." Solution Tree Press, 2014

We, Gail and Natalie, are two California teachers who, between us, have taught for 25 + 19 = 44 years. Despite living and working about 200 miles away from each other, our friendship and collaborative partnership was germinated about 10 years ago, when we were both invited into the National Writing Project's incredible community of Technology Liaisons.

Gail & Natalie at ISTE Conference

The NWP tenet that "Writing in its many forms is the signature means of communication in the 21st century" is central to our teaching philosophies.Through our shared commitment to empowering students to write for change, using technology as a bridge-- and a catalyst, the conversations have continued. Fortunately, the tools have improved (e.g., from email to texting + Skype + Google Docs) - making collaboration almost seamless.

The seed for the Digital-ID project was planted in the summer of 2011, when we had the good fortune to participate in the Merit program. Under the brilliant guidance of Rushton Hurley and the Krause Center for Innovation team, who provided two weeks' worth of amazing professional development, we had both the time and support to examine writing - digital writing - as the pathway to critical thinking, media literacy, and digital citizenship. And a project was born...ignited!

Kathleen Watt soon joined us in the adventure as our graphic designer and thinking partner. She now collaborates with us a content curator. In addition to graphics, certificates, and badging, she continues to add to our resources.

Gail & Kathleen - Anti-Bullying Event - CA State Capitol

Each school year, as the Digital-ID project continues to grow and evolve, we are reminded of the power and possibilities of collaboration.

It is our hope that through this project and wiki, we can help students understand and reach their full potential as 21st century digital citizens. We also hope to initiate conversations at sites and districts around the importance of digital citizenship skills being taught as an integral part of the core curriculum, as opposed to a set of lessons or unit taught in isolation.

We warmly invite you into the Digital-ID collaborative project,

~Natalie Bernasconi Ed.D, (digital.ido@gmail.com); Central CA Writing Project
High School Teacher, Salinas Union High School District; Lecturer, UC Santa Cruz

~Gail Desler, (digital.ido@gmail.com); Area 3 Writing Project
Technology Integration Specialist K-12, Elk Grove USD

~Kathleen Watt, (digital.ido@gmail.com); freelance graphic designer, blogger,
Web Specialist, Elk Grove USD


As is always true of powerful collaborative projects, Digital ID has many people and entities to thank for all their support in helping making this site be greater than the sum of its parts.
We are grateful to: