Building Identities - Saying "I do" to maintaining a responsible digital footprint and "I don't" to inappropriate online behavior.

"Does your digital footprint convey the message you want? If you don't know you should spend time figuring this out. In the 21st century our digital footprint conveys an important image and people should know what that is." The Innovative Educator

"I can see a day in the not too distant future (if it's not already here) where your digital footprint will carry far more weight than anything you might include in a resume." Chris Betcher

Student Resources

  • Own Your Space: Online Reputation That Counts - Download a very comprehensive student guide from Microsoft on all phases of building and protecting a digital footprint
  • Digital Tattoo - How is your digital identity like a tattoo? Visit this site for resources and ideas on how to create (or to start repairing) your digital identity/footprint/tattoo.
  • The Naked Truth: Beware What You Share – Stats on cyberbullying and sexting - presented on an eye-catching poster
  • That' - Videos help teens recognize when dating has become abusive and how they can step away from not cool situations.
  • ThinkB4U - Site combines “choose-your-adventure” style videos with resources from trusted consumer safety experts. Resources for students, parents, and teachers.
  • From the YouTube Safety Team - Steering Clear of Cyber Tricks (3:02) - Good tips for protecting your privacy.
  • Discover What Your Digital Footprint Says About You- Resources and suggested activities for helping students consider the importance of their digital footprint.
  • Protecting Online Reputations - From Common Craft - Note: this is an evaluation version.
  • Tracking Your Digital Footprint from Verena Roberts, a free 6-week online course beginning July 5, 2012. This course is an invitation to students, student-and-parent teams, parents, teachers, administrators- anyone who would like to explore and examine their digital footprint.
  • Videos from iKeepSafe, Collection includes an excellent Privacy and Reputation video. Note: The iKeepSafe site is currently offline. As soon as they've made their updates, we'll embed a sample video.

Students collaborating and contributing to their learning helps build strong DC Identity

Parent Resources

Teacher Notes

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