"Often we invoke the word 'citizenship' in terms of our rights - our rights to privacy and to free speech, for example. But citizenship is also about responsibilities - responsibilities to maintain, to protect, and to enhance the community in which we live." Audrey Watters, ReadWriteWeb

The tools below, both technology and content related, all appear on other pages of this wiki, but we thought additionally placing them all on a dedicated tools page would make it easier for you to find them when returning to the site.


Digital ID Road Map Tools

We've created a selection of handouts to help teachers introduce the Digital ID project and digital citizenship components. The Digital ID Road Map contains all of the handouts listed separately below within a narrative that we hope will serve as a mini-teachers guides for those wanting a structured guide to rolling out a digital citizenship program. As with all the resources we have created, you are warmly invited to use as is or adapt to fit your needs.

Digital ID online presentation (Prezi) and the companion Call to Action Script (English & Spanish) PDF. We designed this presentation as a teacher-led introduction the Digital ID project.

Language Tools

Digital Citizenship Glossary (also available in a Google Doc) - Understanding the language of digital citizenship is a first step for our students in becoming practicing digital citizens. We've designed this interactive glossary to help students bring digital citizenship vocabulary into their listening, reading, speaking, and writing skills.

We will continue to add translations to the DC Glossary, posting them as soon as teachers and students send them to us. For a starter, and thanks to the efforts of students from the U.S. and Mexico, our menu includes:

Collaborative Digital Citizenship A-Z Glossary Project - This is a collaborative student-generated project that helps students "own" the DC vocabulary by co-creating a PowerPoint slideshow (or VoiceThread or Google Doc Presentation) from A-Z.

Assessment Tools

Pre Assessments

Digital ID Survey- In teaching digital citizenship, as with any topic, it's a good idea to begin with a pre-assessment. We searched (Googled, Yahooed, etc.) high and low to find a collection a ready-made assessments, but we came up empty handed. So we did the next best thing: we developed, via Google forms, an online assessment of our 4 foci: Stepping Up - Bullying~Cyberbullying; Building Identities - Digital Footprints; Respecting Boundaries - Intellectual Property; and Protecting Online Security and Privacy - Protecting Personal Information and Equipment.

  • Teachers are welcome to download, clone, and tweak our Digital ID Survey to best reflect their school and district digital citizenship programs.

    • How to Clone a Google Form - From Captain Mac- 6 easy steps to making your own copy of the Digital ID Survey:
      • # Open the form you want to copy.
      • # Under the "file" menu, choose "create a copy".
      • # Choose a name and click "OK"
      • # Once the newly named copy appears(a spreadsheet), under the "form" menu" choose "edit form"
      • # Once the form opens, choose save in the top right corner.
      • # Once "saved" appears, you may close the form. It should appear in your directory as a form, if not refresh your screen.

  • Note: If you have a survey you've developed, please consider joining this wiki and adding it to this page.

Legal Mandates

Legal Mandates Handout - We've created this one-pager Word doc to put the 2012 mandates into a nutshell. Since it is up to each district or school site to determine its own e-Rate implementation plan, we hope the growing bank of Digital ID resources will help sites jump start conversations (across the nation and globe) and aid in drafting digital citizenship plans that cover the three topics required by CIPA:

Project Templates

Project Overview Planning Template - There's nothing like a little structure to help you plan a project - and keep your focus. As the Digital ID project and wiki continue to evolve, we periodically return to our project overview to help clarify our thinking.

PSA Tools

Sentence Starters