"By creating ePortfolios, or a digital collection of their work, our students learn how to conduct themselves in digital spaces in the context of their curriculum, not just in isolated lecture-style presentations that may strike a chord with some students, but miss the mark with others. When I talk to my seventh-grade students, they can clearly articulate why we’re using these ePortfolios. It makes sense to them, and they know it is important for their future lives." ~ Jenny Luca

"E-portfolios allow for texts that are richly textured and layered, with elements of print pieces, spoken voice, visuals, and various digital composing processes visible across the work. They also allow students to document process, to show changes, and to explain decisions, and allow us to see a bigger ranger of their work than just a collection of finished pieces." ~ DeVoss, Eidman-Aadahl, Hicks - Because Digital Writing Matters

ePortfolio Projects

  • Ms. Lake's Sample 8th gr AVID Portfolio - Bonnie Lake and her collaborative partner Megan Ellis have designed an elegant e-portfolio template for their 8th graders to present their own (digital) identity and begin establishing their digital footprint.
  • The I AM Project - A beautiful project by Nathan Manderfeld and his 5th graders in which they express their digital identity:
    iAM: The "i" (iPhone, iPad, iPod) representing their use of 21st century skills. The "AM" representing their experiences in various careers. At the end of their fifth grade year each of my students will be able to stand proudly and state, "iAM and engineer, iAM an architect, iAM an entrepreneur, iAM a graphic designer, iAM a philanthropist, iAM an author, iAM a 21st century learner, and iAM more than a test score.

ePortfolio Resources

  • AVID Netbook Academy 5-year ePortfolio - A comprehensive 5-year e-Portfolio template for students to demonstrate their professional identity, academic growth and community service, as well as the ways in which they demonstrate how they are strong 21st Century Digital Citizens in each of the 4 foci.
  • Using ePortfolios in the Classroom - Edutopia's Mary Beth Hertz provides strategies and resources for getting started with student ePortfolios, with commentors adding content to the conversation.
  • Digital Stories in ePortfolios - ePortfolio guru Dr. Helen Barrett presents a case for including digital stories as a way of injecting "voice" into the ePortfolio. We also recommend regular visit's to Dr. Barrett's website.
  • Digital Citizenship Night at St. Mary's School, Los Gatos, CA - Thank you, Karen Larson, for sharing this wonderful sample of how to put on a parent night that showcases what students have learned about the 4 foci (Stepping Up, Building Identities, Respecting Boundaries, and Protecting Online Privacy) of digital citizenship.
  • Rebranding Digital Citizenship - We love Tanya Avrinth's recent Edu on Air session. It's a perfect example of how to bring digital citizenship and ePortfolios into the elementary grades:

What are you doing at your sites to help students build ePortfolios that ensure a positive digital footprint? Please join the wiki if you have samples to share. For questions, please contact us (Gail & Natalie) at digital.ido.gmail.com or tweet us @nbernasconi & @GailDesler